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30 March 2003

This Week's Segment

This week we are taking a look at software that will let you play or encode Ogg Vorbis. In light of this week's news of the so-called super DMCA's being contemplated by several state's lawmakers, it is more important than ever that we have have things like the Ogg Vorbis audio compression format that is free and unencumbered by intellectual property concerns.

This is not to say that I'm against intellectual property, or for ways for people to make money from their labors.  Here at the western branch of On Computers Tips Central, we have some intellectual property and it is part the income that allows us to purchase copies of the IP of others like audio CDs and software.  It is the overzealous guarding of intellectual property though the use of "draconian" (which is a fancy way of saying "really oppressive") laws that I oppose.

MissM is coming!

Two weeks from today we will have a very special guest, MissM, on the tips segment.  Stay tuned for details.


Next week, Jack will be talking about backup strategies. Do you have a strategy that you'd like to share?  Contact Jack at jack@oncomputers.info with your ideas.


No, not the show on A&E, the autobiography that Jack wrote at my request. Of course, I don't have mine written yet.  For now, I will remain a bit of a mystery.  On the other hand, Jack has revealed himself to the world, including pictures of his wife and his pets. So go take a look and read all about the daWabbit.

Cya next time!



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