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16 March 2003

This Week's Segment

This week's segment is the start of our Audio Freebies series. The search for free audio utilities is something that arose from a personal need. I have a Soundblaster Live! Value sound card. When I installed Windows XP, I found that the drivers on the Creative Web site did not work as well for me as the drivers that Windows XP installs.

What I lost by using the Windows drivers were the utilities that Creative supplies. Their utilities will only work with their drivers. Truly, it was not much of a loss because among other things, Creative included a little something extra called "News Update" (see http://www.cexx.org/newsupd.htm for more information).

International Listeners

I know that we have a number of listeners from outside the US. First, I'm very glad that the international listeners are here. Second, I have to pick a convention, so I do use a US English spell checker and a US English writing style.  My style is more relaxed in its informality and use of Internet and computer jargon than true, standard US English. In using this informal style, I hope this site is friendly and welcoming to all of our On Computers listeners. If you have a suggestion about making the OC Tips site more friendly to everyone please e-mail gail@oncomputers.info.

Speaking of Writing

Or is that writing of writing? I'm not a grammarian, nor an expert speller. My proofreading skills are in the subbasement due to a mild dyslexia.  However, I do need to be aware of these things, along with my general style, when I write. I sometimes fret over how to spell certain words. Is it "web" or "Web"; "internet" or "Internet"; and last, "e-mail" or "email" or "E-mail" or "Email"?  I've researched these words and without repeating any of the boring details, all of the above spellings can be justified. The way you spell them, though some forms are more popular than others, is largely a matter of personal taste. The next time you want to send me an e-mail via the Internet about this Web site, please spell these words whichever way you choose!

And Now for Something Completely Wacky

I have been a longtime fan of News of the Weird. I enjoy reading news that is true but not mainstream. I found this story that qualifies as, well, different. It also has a very happy ending. If you haven't already seen it, here it is: Crunch! Giant Chee-to spurs online frenzy.

Cya next time!


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