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9 March 2003

New Look for the Web Site

As you have probably noticed, if you are a regular OC Tips reader, this Web site got a new look this week. In an effort to bring some continuity to the On Computers family of Web sites, Jack and I have adopted the same general theme, with a modified font, as the rest of the OC Web sites. We have also added some graphical links back to http://oncomputers.info, the main On Computers show page and http://videotexservices.us, our Web host and the entity without which the show wouldn't go on.

Diatribes and Rants

We all know that Deepak has his Diatribes, and I hear tell (but it's just a rumor mind you) that Jack is working on "Rabbit's Rants".  Does that mean we will see Joe's Jibes, Aaron's Angst and GailLA's Gripes?  I don't know about Joe and Aaron, but I can tell you that you are not going to get gripes from GailLA. That's why I'm going to call my ramblings, when I write them, Behind the Scenes with GailLA. Welcome to the first edition!

Your Favorite Windows Book

Jack and I are planning a segment where we talk about our favorite Windows books past and present.  If you have a favorite book, pertaining to any version of Windows that you'd like to share, we'd like your recommendation.  We will need all the publisher and author information, and a brief (1-2 paragraph) write up about why you like this book and how you use it. E-mail me at gail@oncomputers.info if you would like to make a recommendation. TIA (Thanks In Advance). 

Special Thanks

Thank you to everyone who works so hard on this show.  But this time around, a special thanks for Aaron, the unsung hero of the OC Newsletter.  If you haven't read it lately, you will find it here.

Cya next time!


© 2003 Gail Allinson

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