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Nate Bodkin (Giant_One) nate@oncomputers.info

4 January 2004

Hey y’all, this week I'll be reviewing some new software. Tag & Rename from http://www.softpointer.com, which is only $29.95. The main purpose of this software is for customizing or renaming your mp3s, Ogg Vorbis, Apple iTunes, Apple Music Store, wma, asf, and wmv files. It has both automatic renaming features, or you can choose the manual route. It derives the tag information from either freeb or allmusic.com. If you store a large library of music, this utility can save mass amounts of time.

I have explored several options for renaming; it takes an awful lot to impress me in this field of study, as it were. First off, the interface is very user friendly. People that have never even used renaming software should have no problems taking right off with it. They have an excellent help manual to run you step by step through the entire process. I was also impressed with the number of formats it handles, although I must admit I don't have any of the apple stuff yet. It also lets you preview tracks with your favorite music player. Another feature is the play list option, so you can make your favorite songs for personal entertainment or special event. All in all, the options are very plentiful in this program. It really does streamline the process in ease of use, organization, and as I said earlier saving time. In my personal opinion, they really did their homework and I recommend this program highly. If anyone decides to try this program and needs help I can walk you through any question you might have.

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