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8 June 2003

This Week's Segment

Jack is going to talk about way to find, using Windows and possibly other mean, what is in your computer. This will mostly be done using Windows Jack may have a few other rabbits, 'er tricks, up his sleeve!

Last Week:  Jack Goes it Alone

Last week, at the exact time of the show, I was sitting in the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion watching my younger son graduate from Columbia College Chicago.  It was a wonderful ceremony.  It is amazing what a show you can put on when you have a liberal arts college just chock full of theater, radio and television, film, writing and other.  One of the most moving moments, besides my son's walk across the stage, was when several students serenaded realtor and benefactress Oral Lee Brown.

So Jack, thanks once again for going it alone and giving me some time off to be there with my son.

Gatherings and Meetings

Sorry for this abbreviated edition of Behind the Scenes.  It has something to do with jet lag and a case of poison oak on the toes of my left foot.  But enough of that.  This week Joe broadcasts live from his daughter's home and next week we will be gathering here in Grass Valley.  Be sure to check out the events, posted by Aaron, leading up to and including Geek Meet 2003 in St. Louis .

Cya next time!



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