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Grass Valley Gathering Pics

15 June 2003

Gari's Notes:

I believe that, not counting your [Gail's] computer [the ICS server], we maxed out at 5 wired and 6 wireless systems at the end of the show. AlaskaJoe, Bill (Bill_B), Linda (BrandyLin), Joe (Sir_Paul) and Nancy's (poesmom) were wired. Nathan has switched over to wireless. AlaskaJoe's other laptop, Joanne, Nathan (Nathan Roberts, aka DoctorWho), Art (wireman), Beowulf [Kendall], Gari (JavaBeanz, hey, that's me!) were all wireless. 10 laptops and one Mac desktop. Doc roamed with his inside and out, even down the road to the neighbors. Wireman was at the BBQ, Beowulf was just outside the screen door where your [Gail's] little room cooler is, Joanne and JavaBeanz had the laptops out at the plastic chair and the rest were in the house. Guests without computers were Ed, Schmoobro (Rick Schrieve), Helix (Barry) and his wife.

Gail's Notes:

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the gathering in spite of the confusion of the week before.  I had a great time thanks to each and every one of you!  I have made individual pages for each contributor's photos of the event.  If you want to see or download a full-size copy  of any picture, just click on the thumbnail.


© 2003 Gail Allinson and Gari Merrifield

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