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4 May 2003

This Week's Segment

This week we explore batch files.  We take it from the beginning for those of you who are saying, batch what?

Now it is time to admit something.  I procrastinated terribly this week.  Some of it through my own fault, and some of it not.  The bottom line is that I got up at 4 am today, Sunday morning, to make sure that I would be ready for the show at 10 am. Well at 5 am, Front Page 2000 crashed (as I know it can) and I lost an hour's work. Two hours later I wrapped up the article and decided to get this little weekly blurb I do written up.  It is now 7 am and I get an hour's less sleep for my folly.

What is the moral behind this story?  I don't care how good Windows XP is or how stable a computer is, apps (applications) can crash.  Control-S* is my friend :-) Next time I will remember to use it.

O lest you think I didn't try, I could not find a temp file with my data in it.  If anyone knows where MS Front Page 2000 stores a temp file of unsaved work (I know were to find the temp file for saved work), if one exists, please e-mail me at the address at the top of the page.  Thanks.

*holding the "Ctrl" key down and pressing the "s" key at the same time is a quick and easy way to save your work in most Windows programs.

Last Week

While I was off in Palm Springs last week, Jack picked up the slack and did a wonderful job of expanding on the subject of CD Slide Shows.  Without Jack there would have been no segment last week. Thanks Jack!

Flying to Russia

Joe sent me an e-mail this week:

" ...on the news they are talking about a new private airplane route where you can fly to a city in Russia if you want. It's about $150 and takes about 5 days for the paper work to go through."


Thanks Joe -- what an adventure that would be!

Story of the Week

Contrary to public opinion the story of the week was not President Bush landing on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln. Nor was it the the surprise win of Funny Cide at the Kentucky Derby.  Yes, both were awesome events, but they just pale in comparison to this one.

We are pleased to announce the Microsoft potty, code-named the iLoo.  Now, whether you love MS or hate MS, it is really hard to resist a potty story.  Especially when it allows you to say "Microsoft" and "toilet" in the same sentence.  And when the potty comes with wireless networking and URL's printed on the toliet paper, it becomes the stuff that geek legends are made of.

You can find all the poop on the loo that Bill built (no I didn't really say that) here -- Sit and surf MSN UK tests portable potty.

Gee whiz, Apple can only "Think Different".  Microsoft wins again <g>.

Cya next time!



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