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12 September 2004



Summer is ending and I'm trying to come off of vacation after a long hiatus from posting tips pages.  In fact the last time I typed here, SP2 had just arrived.  The jury is still out on it on the enterprise side, but most enthusiasts have figured out how to make it work on their machines.

Today we are going to revisit and old subject.  Slipstreaming a Windows service pack -- in this case with SP2.  This week Tom's Hardware covered it.

Tom's Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo- Installing WindowsXP and Service Pack 2 with 1 CD - Time Is Money

I have slipstreamed before so having this article handy, I went to do it only to find that Roxio Easy Media Creator (my CD burning utility) won't do a non-emulated boot CD.  So I did a little searching and amongst the angst on the Roxio forums about this issue, I discovered this neat little utility.


All you need is your original Windows XP install CD and the network install version of SP2. It automatically creates an ISO file which then can be burned using any CD burning program that supports ISO. I did it and it worked.  This is so much easier than doing it by hand, but if you want to understand the process, do read that article at Tom's Hardware.

More on SP2

This excellent article outlining real users experiences came out this past week.

InformationWeek Windows XP SP2 Patch Langa Letter- Real-Life Experiences With XP's SP2 September 6, 2004

Let's not go Phishing

There is more of it, and it is on the rise.  That's the word this week.

I was kind of taken aback when someone who is otherwise pretty bright almost fell for a phish a few days ago.  In other words if I had not been there to intervene the malevolent link may have been clicked.  So that sent me to do a little further research on the matter.  The following are some of the articles and info I found:

PCWorld.com - Does That Web Site Look Phishy

USATODAY.com - Are hackers using your PC to spew spam and steal

Library of spoof email hoax scams and fake web pages

The MailFrontier Phishing IQ Test

Anti-Phishing Working Group


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