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Our Special Guest, Kelly!

Gail Allinson, gail@oncomputers.info

06 July 2003

I usually do the write up before we air the segment.  This week was different because we had a special guest: Kelly Theriot of Kelly's XP Korner.  

Kelly is an MS-MVP and normally spends 12 hours a day answering user questions about Windows XP in the MS Newsgroups.  You can find her Web pages here:

 Troubleshooting Windows XP:

Kelly's Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

You can find Kelly in the MS Newsgroups here:




(links open in your default newsreader)

Many thanks to Kelly for sharing of her time with us and telling us a bit about what she does and where we can get our Windows XP questions answered!



© 2003 Gail Allinson

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