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13 July 2003

This Week's Segment

Jack is covering an important topic, how to install software.  This topic came up because some people had trouble installing Acrobat Reader 6 last week. Many of us have a number of strategies we use when something won't install, or wont install properly.  My own personal checklist includes a clean boot, shutting down everything running in the background, including firewall and antivirus (it is best be offline when you do this) and anything else that may block any installation scripts. Of course before you turn off your anti-virus, be sure to scan whatever it is you are installing.  Even commercially produced and distributed software can have viruses though it is pretty rare.  Then again, it only takes one virus to ruin your whole day.

Last Week

Thanks again to Kelly Theriot who so graciously joined us last week.  By now I hope that everyone has had a chance to visit the Microsoft public newsgroups to ask Kelly your question or has visited her Web site.

Next Week

We hope to bring you a very interesting segment about optimizing your Internet connection.  This is important for everyone, but it is especially pertinent for those who are still on dial-up.  Of course there is no good substitute for good, old-fashioned, raw bandwidth, but we'll take a look at some things that will hopefully make life in the slow lane  more palatable, and move things more efficiently in the fast lane.

Cya next time!


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